Liberty Specialty Markets

Liberty Specialty Markets

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Liberty Speciality Markets

Liberty Specialty Markets ( is the trading name for the combined operation of Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited,Liberty Managing Agency Limited and Liberty Mutual Reinsurance.

It has over 900 employees in 27 offices throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Liberty Specialty Markets is part of global insurer Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

Digging in to fight the cyber war - Middle East Focus

Libery Mutual - CRIF Founding Member Matt Hogg looks at Cyber Risk in the emerging Middle East Market

Traditionally, even the most brutal of wars have their informal truces. The history books regale us with accounts of soldiers in the American Civil War swimming to an island in a river to exchange tobacco and newspapers, or a game of football between British troops and their Boer enemies at the end of the Boer War. But that tradition does not, it appears, apply to today’s cyber war.

Are we losing the battle against cyber crime?

Cybercrime and information security

Nobody likes to lose a fight. It’s a fundamental facet of human nature that, when it comes to trading blows, we like to be top dog. Not surprising, really, if you consider that evolution has armed us with the tools to survive and winning fights would have been pretty much a prerequisite for staying alive 20,000 years ago. So when an influential group of MPs announced recently that the UK is losing the fight against cyber crime, it’s natural for hackles to rise.