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Managing Risk in the Cloud - Ace Group White Paper

Weighing the risk and benefits of could computing - White Paper - Ace GroupCloud computing is a landscape-altering technology that is enjoying increasing rates of adoption — often implemented, however, without taking sufficient risk management precautions.
Risk managers need to have a deep understanding of what cloud computing is, and why they need to be aware of it. While there are numerous advantages to adopting the cloud, there are also abundant risks, and having a comprehensive risk management plan in place is critical.

IT and Cyber Risk - ACE European Risk Briefing 2012

Ace European Risk BriefingAlmost every company today depends on communication, service or commerce delivered over the internet and other information networks. The scale of this reliance seems to be steadily growing.
Companies store ever-increasing quantities of sensitive personal and commercial information online, while developments such as cloud computing mean that their data is often no longer stored within the company’s own networks, but remotely.