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Legal week, share prices and cyber hygiene

In a recent Legal Week article the authors consider how Cyber Risk regulation is set to become tighter in the near future with a greater responsibility placed on organisations to have measures in place to secure data and protect processes. In the article it points to research in the US that indicates relatively high levels of torpor in organisations that really should know better. 

Ignorance is no defence against cyber risk

In the report Locked Down, a Legal Week Benchmark survey, it says there has been a change in 'atmosphere' around Cyber over the past 18 months, but I really do wonder if this will actually translate into action ... this time.

Cyber is all about assurance and risk management

When we started CRIF last year, US based publications [insurance and infosec] asked how CRIF could help a North American cyber liability market that was already 7-8 yrs old. 
I made the point that the US market is very much led by third-party policies [as defined in the UK] and that first / third party would predicate better risk management. 

Social Media is a great tool – but use it wisely


What do HMV, Burger King and leader of the BNP Nick Griffin all have in common? They all show how the power of Social Media is a double edged sword and can bring more bad publicity than good.


HMV sacked the person responsible for Social Media Marketing, but failed to take control of the accounts she ran and change her passwords, she went on to post her personal thoughts on the management after being laid off. Burger King’s twitter handle was hijacked and the rumours abounded that they had been acquired by McDonalds and Nick Griffin posted the address details of individuals who opposed his policies.