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DAC Beachcroft | Insurance, Privacy & Data Security News | September 2014

DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

September 2014 update 

Cyber security is about risk reduction, not risk prevention. No system can ever be 100% secure, particularly when constrained by financial resources and the exposure to human error or behaviour.

The law governing data security is similarly not absolute. For example, the Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA") demands that an organisation has "appropriate" technical and organisational security measures.

DAC Beachcroft | Insurance, Privacy & Data Security News | August 2014

DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

August 2014 update 

Cyber-attacks remain a regular feature of news headlines. This month, reports circulated that Russian hackers have allegedly carried out the world's biggest ever data theft, amassing 4.5 billion user credentials.

The hack was identified by US security experts Hold Security and, if true, could be the largest publicised breach in history.