PwC sign cyber insurance incident response contract with Beazley

PwC and Beazley announce alliance for forensic servicesBeazley, the pioneer in breach response insurance, announced today the addition of PwC to the panel of specialist service providers available to Beazley Breach Response (BBR) policyholders.  Beazley's BBR clients now have access to one of the world's largest forensic services providers to investigate suspected data breaches and network intrusions and contain the issue as swiftly as possible.

PwC has around 270 professionals in the UK specialising in cyber security and digital forensics, providing a dedicated incident response and threat intelligence capability, as well as advising businesses on legal issues and the broader impact of breaches on business performance and reputation. PwC's global digital forensics and incident response footprint spans more than 37 countries, encompassing more than 650 staff across 55 forensic labs.

In 2009 Beazley launched BBR to help organisations protect themselves from the consequences of data breaches, including addressing the concerns of customers whose personally identifiable data has been lost or stolen.  BBR Services, Beazley's in-house team of experts, coordinates the forensic, legal, notification and credit monitoring services that clients need to satisfy all legal requirements and maintain customer confidence. To date Beazley has helped more than 1,700 clients manage data breaches swiftly and successfully.

"PwC has one of the most experienced and well-resourced forensics and incident response teams in the world," said Paul Bantick, technology, media and business services focus group leader at Beazley in London.  "Their disciplined approach and geographic reach will prove extremely valuable to our clients.  In the wake of a data breach, a swift, sure-footed response is critical to maintaining customer confidence." 

PwC and Beazley announce alliance for forensic services

"If your network has been breached, time is critical. Businesses that suspect they have suffered a breach need to be able to act quickly and decisively to contain the issue and limit the damage," said Kris McConkey, PwC partner specialising in cyber threat intelligence and incident response.  "Our global footprint means that whether we need to deploy a team across town in London, or get boots on the ground in 15 countries, we have an unparalleled network we can mobilise rapidly and which has the cutting edge skills and technology partnerships to handle even the most complex of incidents."