Global Cyber Risk | International Perspectives | Video Series | Overview


Video from DAC Beachcroft | Patrick Hill provides an overview from the global cyber risk seminar Changing data security laws and emerging cyber risks are a truly international phenomenon as can frequently be seen from headlines around the world.

Video series offering Cyber risk and insurance perspectives from around the world

Covering UK, Europe, Ireland, Asia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Columbia & New Zealand

On 19th November 2014, lawyers from DAC Beachcroft's international offices presented on the changing cyber risk and data security landscape in their jurisdiction and the potential opportunities available to insurers.

DAC Beachcroft has produced a series of short videos from various regions to explain the issues and opportunities 

Global Cyber Risks, The Highlights from DAC Beachcroft on Vimeo.

Patrick Hill, Partner at DAC Beachcroft, introduces the highlights from our global cyber risk seminar held on 19 November 2014 where partners from our international offices discussed data breach laws and cyber risk insurance in their jurisdiction.

For more videos from the Global Cyber Risk Seminar please click on the links below:

UK | Data Breach & Cyber Risk Insurance  - Hans Allnut 

Europe | Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance - Rhiannon Davies 

Ireland | Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance  - Noreen Howard

New Zealand | Data and Cyber Risk Insurance - Mark Anderson 

Asia: Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance - Ben Nicholson

Mexico: Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance Jose-Luis Arce Fernandez

Brazil: Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance - Marcia Barbosa de Oliveira - JBO Advocacia

Chile: Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance - Guillermo Amunátegui 

Colombia: Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance Gabriela Monroy Torres


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