Cyber is all about assurance and risk management

When we started CRIF last year, US based publications [insurance and infosec] asked how CRIF could help a North American cyber liability market that was already 7-8 yrs old. 
I made the point that the US market is very much led by third-party policies [as defined in the UK] and that first / third party would predicate better risk management. 
Here is a link to an article that follows on from this theme and if you have time to read it you may see there is a growing urgency for better risk management and realising the potential for residual risk to be transferred to cyber insurance.

Cyber threats and security breaches forcing companies to re-evaluate...

Risk managers are being forced to reconsider how they protect company data and proprietary information because of cyber threats and security and privacy breaches , according to a recent survey from Towers Watson


Daljitt is Chairman of the Cyber Risk and Insurance Forum.  You can contact him HERE!