About us

Our Mission:

CRIF helps organisations better understand cyber risks and the damage that might occur by supporting the development of effective insurance solutions.

We are a group of commercial and non-commercial organisations helping to enable purchasers of insurance to achieve effective management of residual risk.  We advocate that organisations demonstrate risk and security practices which will help facilitate their purchase of effective cyber liability insurance.

As part of this, the Cyber Risk & Insurance Forum (CRIF) is dedicated to raising the awareness of information assurance within the Cyber Insurance market and Risk Management community through the development of best practices.

Our vision includes:

·      Developing a risk-based framework of recommended information security practices and policies that are published

·      Encouraging a risk based culture, adequate business continuity plans and corporate information security policies within the industry

·      Raising awareness through events and briefings to the industry highlighting the risks of Cyber loss

·      Providing risk management and insurance professionals with tools to approach Cyber risks in partnership with their information security colleagues

For more information on our work or to find out how you can get involved please contact us here.

Officers and Personnel 

Daljitt Barn LinkedIn Profile

Chairman - Matthew Hogg

Matthew Hogg of Liberty Specialty Markets has been elected as the second chairman of the Cyber Risk & Insurance Forum.

At Liberty he is Underwriting Managerof the Strategic Assets Division where his division underwrites specialist risks in  intellectual property, reputation, cyber, privacy and non-material damage business interruption.

Matthew Hogg Liberty International Underwriters Prior to joining Liberty, Matthew was the EMEA Technology Leader for international insurance broker Marsh and before that an underwriter at Lloyd’s of London where he created a number of niche products in the intangible assets space. He holds a degree in law, a Masters in Law & Economics and an Advanced Diploma in Insurance.

Matthew is also Chairman of the Risk Committee of the Intangible Asset Finance Society (IAFS), on the Membership Committee of the IAFS, a member of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC). 

He is also an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Matthew is also the recently past Chairman of the UK charity BELS (Business & Education for London South).

You can reach Matthew by email on [email protected] or by phone on +44 207 860 6208.


Matthew Hogg LinkedIn Profile

 Secretariat - Sara McKenna

Sara McKenna is seconded to the Cyber Risk Insurance Forum by the Continuity Forum.  She is responsible for CRIF activities covering internal management and governance. She also works with members and other organizations on the development of our supporting activities. Sara has 14 years experience of the Security, Risk and Resilience sectors and extensive expertise in effective market transformation through engagement and education.

You can reach Sara by email on [email protected] or by phone on +44 7788 562568.    


Website -Tom Ellis

Our Webmaster is Tom Ellis. Tom is seconded from the Continuity Forum as part of its Secretariat role. He has over 25 years of technology experience. Please contact him on [email protected] with any query or issue relating to our website.