10 Steps to Cyber Resilience - CESG

The 10 steps to Cyber Security discusses how cyber security is now one of the biggest challenges economy. Produced jointly by GCHQ, BIS and CPNI it offers guidance for business on how to make the UK’s networks more resilient and protect key information assets against cyber threats. 
If your organizations hasn't taken steps to protect itself your IT systems may already be compromised with your intellect property compromised and your security breached. This is happening every day to not just one or two, but thousands and you should be asking yourself the question "Are we confident that we are secure?".
It need not be difficult or expensive, roughly 80% of all attacks would be defeated by embedding basic information security practices into your operations. 
This report provides an excellent primer on the Risks and measures that can defeat most attacks and focuses on key points of risk management and corporate governance including some case studies based on real events. 

10 steps to cyber resilience - CESG


0 Steps to Cyber Resil