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Updated: 1 hour 40 min ago

New ToddyCat APT targets MS Exchange servers in Europe, Asia

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 16:30
The APT actor would be utilizing two formerly unknown tools Kaspersky called ‘Samurai backdoor’ and ‘Ninja Trojan’ respectively.
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Cloudflare Outage Knocks Hundreds of Websites Offline

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 16:00
The list is extensive and includes technology giants such as Discord, Medium, Coinbase, NordVPN and Feedly
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New DFSCoerce NTLM Relay Attack Enables Hackers to Perform Windows Domain Takeover

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 15:30
Assuming the identity of a domain, threat actors could then execute arbitrary commands
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#InfosecurityEurope2022 Defense Looks to Bring Cyber Into the Mainstream

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 15:00
UK forces need talent and skills to allow the UK to counter cyber-threats and defend its interests
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#InfosecurityEurope2022 Ransomware: Payment Decisions Finely Balanced

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 14:10
Firms need to weigh up operational, ethical and financial issues when deciding whether to pay ransomware, according to experts
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Microsoft Out-of-Band Update Fixes Arm Device Issues

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 10:30
Some users could not sign-in using Azure Active Directory
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US Bank Data Breach Impacts Over 1.5 Million Customers

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 08:30
Flagstar reveals details of December incident
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Researchers Reveal 56 OT Bugs in "Icefall" Report

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 08:01
Forescout warns of widespread “insecure-by-design” practices
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Google Chrome Extensions Could Be Used to Track Users Online

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 17:30
New website can check for installed Chrome extensions and generate a fingerprint of a visiting user
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Former Amazon Worker Convicted of Capital One Data Breach

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 17:00
The software engineer intended to mine the stolen data and install cryptocurrency miners on some AWS servers
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BRATA Android Malware Group Now Classified As Advanced Persistent Threat

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 15:30
BRATA now targeting a specific financial institution at a time
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Governance Gap Raises AI Security Concerns

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 11:45
Cyber now seen as most important component for adoption
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QNAP Customers Hit by Double Ransomware Blitz

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 11:15
Taiwanese manufacturer braced for twin threat
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Investigators Disrupt Giant RSocks Botnet

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 10:00
Russian cyber-criminals rented it out to other groups
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Microsoft Addresses Wi-Fi Hotspots Issues in Latest Update

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 17:00
Host devices might lose connection to the internet after client device connects
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US Man Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison for Hacking iCloud Accounts and Stealing Nudes

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 16:30
Hao Kuo Chi illegally obtained iCloud credentials of 4700 victims
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WordPress Updates More Than a Million Sites to Fix Critical Ninja Forms Vulnerability

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 16:00
The code injection vulnerability allowed attackers to call methods in various Ninja Forms classes
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Experts Discuss Next Steps in Trust, Privacy and Security

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 09:30
The complex interrelation between trust, privacy and cybersecurity was discussed by experts during Okta Forum 2022
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UK Proposes Post-Brexit Data Laws to Boost Innovation

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 08:30
Proposals designed to unlock businesses' ability to use data and clamp down on nuisance calls and cookie pop-ups
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Cybersecurity Researchers Find Several Google Play Store Apps Stealing Users Data

Thu, 06/16/2022 - 18:00
Most dangerous are spyware tools capable of stealing information from other apps' notifications
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