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August 2014 update 

Cyber-attacks remain a regular feature of news headlines. This month, reports circulated that Russian hackers have allegedly carried out the world's biggest ever data theft, amassing 4.5 billion user credentials.

The hack was identified by US security experts Hold Security and, if true, could be the largest publicised breach in history.

August 2014 Newsletter - DAC Beachcroft

July 2014 update 

Catch up with the latest cyber risk legislation and regulatory developments with the DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

Data protection and privacy is only one element of cyber risk and there have been a number of recent public and private sector initiatives which highlight the need to mitigate cyber risk from a business disruption perspective.

August 2014 Newsletter - DAC Beachcroft


June 2014 update 

As the implementation of the European Data Protection Regulation drops further behind schedule, one could be forgiven for thinking that all is quiet on the cyber risk insurance front.

The draft Regulation is often cited as the awaited trigger to the cyber risk insurance market in Europe. However, recent developments show a greater awareness and necessity for tightening security standards in the absence of any formal change in the law which could prompt greater interest in risk mitigation strategies and the purchase of insurance.

August 2014 Newsletter - DAC Beachcroft


DAC Beachcroft Newsletters

DAC Beachcroft are specialist international insurance lawyers with a genuine cross-class capability covering both claims and advisory, across the full spectrum of services from systemised to bespoke.  

They have a particular specialism in advising on issues of data security, privacy and data transfer.  

Their approach is to combine a rigorous analysis of the legal rights and obligations arising in a cyber loss scenario, with a firm grasp of real world commerce to develop commercial and practical outcomes.  

DAC Beachcroft are regular contributors to the insurance press on cyber insurance related matters and have lectured extensively on European Data Protection Legislation.

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